Our men’s cologne: the finest ingredients & longest-lasting fragrance.

What exactly is cologne?

Cologne is a long-lasting, more concentrated fragrance typically designed for men. It has more fragrance oils than a traditional body spray, which means it’ll last much longer on the skin and has a more intense fragrance. If you’re wondering how it compares to eau de parfum, it’s actually the opposite! Perfume has way more fragrance oils than cologne does. Super interesting, right?

Why do people love Bath & Body Works cologne so much?

Not to brag, but it’s all about our unique fragrance blends. Our master perfumers have created a collection of colognes for every man’s style, from woodsy and warm to fresh and bright. And if that wasn’t amazing enough…they're all long-lasting, made with the finest ingredients and look super-sleek on any shelf, too.

Speaking of, what fragrances can I get in cologne?

Honestly, quite a few. Whether you’re looking for a clean scent to match your sporty lifestyle, a tribute to one of your favorite comforting cocktails or just something woodsy to wear on special occasions, there’s plenty to choose from. And if you don’t know where to start, we suggest taking a peek at our guide: How to Find Your Perfect Scent.

What are your most popular men’s fragrances?

All of our fragrances are iconic, but here are a few of tried-and-true men’s favourites:

  • Ocean: an invigorating blend of blue cypress, vetiver and coastal air.
  • Bourbon: a smooth blend of white pepper, dark amber and Kentucky oak.
  • Noir: an exotic blend of black cardamon, smokey vanilla and a hint of vanilla.
  • Teakwood: a striking blend mahogany, black teakwood and lavender.

What’s the best way to apply cologne?

There’s not necessarily a wrong way, but this short step-by-step guide will have you smelling amazing in seconds.

  • First: Apply it directly to your skin (before you get dressed) at arm’s length away. Start with one spritz and slowly build up from there…keeping in mind you can’t take any away if you hit the point of fragrance overload.
  • Then: Dab it onto your body’s pulse points (neck, inner elbows, back of the knees and chest).
  • Pro tip: the best time to apply it is right after the shower.

How should I properly store cologne?

The most import part is to keep your bottles away from any direct sunlight and humidity. That means no bathroom storage if you can avoid it – the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can ruin the quality of your cologne. Beyond that, pretty much anything goes (but we recommend keeping it on your dresser to use while you’re getting ready for the day).

How do I know if I’ve used too much cologne?

The best trick to keep in mind is to spritz yourself at arm’s length – even if you’re touching up over your clothes. If someone can smell you from an arm’s length away, no need to add any extra spritzes.

Now that you know everything about cologne, shop it: here.