​Are you floral, sweet, fresh or a fragrance in between?

Zesty. Uplifting. Refreshing. Like the world’s coolest iced tea on the hottest day, there’s nothing better than a citrus scent for summer. They perfectly match the season’s beachy vibes, warm breezes, nights out on the patio and every get together you’re going to attend (or host). Full sail ahead, here are four reasons why you need some citrus notes this season.

Start with what you like (and don’t).

Do you have a go-to lotion you carry everywhere? What about a candle that always makes you smile? Do you find yourself enjoying that “just out of the oven” scent from baking? And on the opposite end of the spectrum…are you not a fan of musky fragrances? Or what about that one floral you just can’t stand? All of these things are significant indicators of what types of fragrances are right for you. The more aware you are of your likes and dislikes, the easier it will be to…

Narrow down the fragrance family.

Get ready: We’re breaking down the key notes and moods that come within each scent’s category.

  1. Citrus: Think lemon. Think lime. Think orange. Think super bright, super refreshing scents that scream sunshine and instantly perk you up. Most popular in summer.

  2. Exotic: Unique. Mysterious. Alluring. Blends with tempting scents, like bergamot incense or seductive vanilla rum, are exactly what you’d want to wear on date night.

  3. Floral: A fragrance category that’s always in season. From romantic roses to airy peonies and everything in between, you’ll love smelling like a blooming garden.

  4. Fresh: Love the scent of fresh-out-of-the-dryer sheets? Fresh fragrances are for you. Cotton, sea breeze, basically anything that makes you feel cool and clean.

  5. Fruit: Strawberry-topped cakes, fruity cocktails, peachy treats and tropical delicacies…these goodies make every day a little sunnier.

  6. Gourmand: A dash of sweetness for every moment of your day? Yes, please. Cookies, cupcakes and other sugary ingredients are great for treating yourself.

  7. Warm: Cozy moments. A comforting blanket. Warm fragrances are like an embrace you could relax in forever. Think amber, cashmere and musk.

  8. Woods: Imagine taking a stroll through a pine forest. Wandering around a spring meadow. Already running out the door? Look for pine, sandalwood, birch, etc. in a scent like In the Stars.

Decide on where you want to use it.

Odds are, you’ll probably have a few different scents for specific events or occasions. Your daily 9-5 signature, your night-out go-to, your fun weekend splurge, etc. And, of course, as the seasons change, your fragrance preferences will change, too! We recommend picking up a light and airy floral for spring (hint: Perfect Peony), a sweet and cheery gourmand for the holidays, a warm pumpkin for fall and a fruity, citrusy number for summer.

Take it for a test drive.

Now that you have a better idea of the fragrance categories, it’s time to head to the store. Grab a few testing sheets. Spray the testing paper and wait about 10 seconds for the scent to settle in. We recommend only trying a few scents per visit. Why? Because over time, your nose gets desensitized to smell.

Pro tip: most blends have different layers of fragrance notes…a top, middle and bottom. As time goes on, the top scent will slowly fade into the middle notes and so on. So be sure to smell each note layer before you buy it.

Not able to go to the store? It’s actually surprisingly easy to explore new categories online, with a few tools. Our shop by fragrance section is a great place to start, but we also love reading reviews to get a sense of what other people think about the scent. And once you’ve picked a few, mini perfumes are a great way to try them (especially if you’re not fully ready to commit).

Pick a favorite way to fragrance.

We carry two main types of forms…eau de parfum and fine fragrance mists. Both are just as amazing, but there are a few key differences.

Fine Fragrance Mist: Light and airy, they’re perfect for spritzing throughout the day, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Our fine fragrance mists last about 2-3 hours and since they have a lower concentration of essential oils, they’re super buildable.

Perfume: Our most luxurious blends, in the most beautiful bottles. With a higher concentration of fragrance oils, our perfumes are more fragrant and long-lasting than fine fragrance mists. Plus, every time you use them, it’ll make the occasion a little more special.

Pro tip: layer your mists and perfumes with matching body lotions, shower gels and body creams to complete the collection and keep the scent going

Shop and enjoy.

It’s finally time to purchase and use! Couldn’t narrow down to one choice? There’s no shame in picking a few, we won’t tell. Shop our newest arrivals for the latest and greatest fragrances we’ve got.