Need a self-care day? We do, too! And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house to have it. Everything you need to create the ultimate spa day at home is right here in our Wellness shop: two curated collections for body & home that just might make your perfect self-care routine.

SPA Day At Home START YOUR MORNING with fragrance Nothing says “spa” like a 3-Wick Candle—especially When you’re kicking off an at-home self-care day. Our super-recharging recommendation? Energizing Orange &Ginger. Don’t forget your coffee!
SPA Day At Home WAKE YOURSELF UP with a refreshing shower Say it with us: phew. A great shower (with the best fragrances) will help get you de-stressed and ready for the day, especially with woodsy Fresh Start body wash.
REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN with a super-satisfying scrub A body scrub is literally relaxation in a bottle. It smells amazing. It feels amazing. And it’s perfect for any time, but especially at the end of your super-pampering spa day bath.
SLATHER ON hydration and good vibes A post-shower, moisturizing body cream leaves you perfectly hydrated and ready to start the rest of your spa day. Stay so (and Breathe Deep) while doing some of your favourite chill activities.
SPA Day At Home SOAK YOUR worries away A soak in the bath will get you ready for sweet dreams, recharge your mood and leave you feeling just overall cozy in no time at all. Pro tip: You’re going to want to pick up super-relaxing bath soak
SPA Day At Home GET THE BEST night of sleep ever Or: the finishing touch to the best at-home spa day ever. How? With a pillow mist, of course. Just spritz it on your pillow a few minutes before bed, then drift off to a great sleep. Have sweet dreams and goodnight!