​Everything’s coming up roses

Confession: we’re a little obsessed with rose. It’s the romantic icon, the Valentine’s Day staple, the classic flower for literally every special occasion. And while we’re all about a bouquet on February 14th, we’re feeling the fragrance version all year round. Why do we adore it? Let us count the ways.

It has a rich history. Rose has been used in beauty so long, no wonder it’s become a worldwide scent-sation (get it?). In fact, during the 17th century, some nobles used rose water as legal currency because it was that popular.

It’s a fave of the original beauty queen. Cleopatra absolutely loved roses. Legend has it that she even decorated her chambers with the romantic petals when Marc Anthony visited. Swoon.

It’s an updated classic. Rose has been a go-to for centuries, but our playful, modern, airy version feels so perfect right now. It’s special, but versatile. Subtle, but lively. Exactly what you want to wear every day, everywhere, from head to toe.

It’s on trend. You’ve probably noticed that rose is the hottest floral this side of a garden party. Even “rose just isn’t my thing” types are falling in love with our spin on the scent. (The super-pretty, Instagram-worthy packaging is a bonus, too.)

It’s incredibly versatile. From light-as-air fragrance mists to luscious hair oils, fun and fresh bubble bath to moisturizing body lotions, rose is the first stop for beauty lovers everywhere…especially when it’s time to unwind.

It has mood-boosting powers. Rose essential oil: the queen of lifting spirits and moods. When it’s mixed with the right aromatherapy formula, this petal-powered oil can help relieve stress, create positive emotions and inspire a little love.

It’s made of thousands of petals. Yeah, that’s a lot of petals. A 5mL bottle of pure rose oil requires over 10,000 petals to make. Talk about liquid gold.

It’s perfect no matter where it is. The body-care versions are definitely must-haves, but rose is actually amazing for any room, any season, any day. Whether it’s a Wallflowers plug, a 3-wick candle or a concentrated room spray, one smell of this floral masterpiece instantly has us blushing.

Can’t wait to try it? Explore our entire rose collection.