Journey Home with Fragrance: A Ramadan Travel Guide

As the time comes to journey back home for Hari Raya, the air is filled with anticipation and the promise of heartfelt reunions.
Remember, this season is not just about the destinations we reach but the memories we rekindle along the way. From packing bags to setting out on the road, every moment is an opportunity to evoke the warmth of past celebrations. So, let’s make this journey back home as fragrant as it is memorable. SHOP

A Travel Companion with Scentportable Fragrance

Make your travel a sensory delight with our Scent portable fragrance for your car. Choose from a variety of scents to turn every mile into a moment of comfort and joy. Its easy-open design and built-in clip base attach effortlessly to your visor or seat pocket, making it the perfect travel companion for bringing a piece of home with you.

Welcome Home with Room Spray

Upon arrival, greet your home with the welcoming embrace of our concentrated Room Spray. Instantly transform any space with a fragrance that speaks of comfort, be it the sweet allure of jasmine or the refreshing zest of citrus. Developed for long-lasting scent, it’s an effortless way to fill your home with the spirit of Hari Raya, welcoming both you and your loved ones back to cherished spaces.

Fragrances to Guide You Home

Finally, as you set out on your journey this Ramadan, here are our top fragrance picks for your Scentaportable and Room Spray.

  • Dark Velvet Oud envelops you in the richness of woody oud, complemented by the luxurious touch of rose and the sweet allure of red berries. This fragrance is like a warm embrace, bringing a sense of comfort and opulence to your journey.​
  • Chasing Fireflies captures the enchanting essence of golden pear, jasmine blooms, and illuminated woods. This scent is a playful reminder of childhood memories, light-hearted moments, and the magical feeling of chasing dreams and fireflies in the twilight.​
  • Eucalyptus Rain offers the crisp, refreshing aroma of aromatic eucalyptus, spearmint leaves, and fresh spring rain. It’s like opening the windows to a rejuvenating rain shower that cleanses the air and renews the spirit. This scent is perfect for those seeking a fresh start and a clear mind as they return home.​

Let these fragrances be your guide as you travel, each one adding a layer of emotion and memory to your journey home. With Bath & Body Works, your trip is not just a physical journey but a sensory experience.