The Power of Clean Hands: Happy Global Hand Washing Day!

It’s that time of the year again when cleanliness takes center stage worldwide! Grab your favourite Bath & Body Works Hand Soap along with a whole lot of positivity because Global Hand Washing Day is here. It is such a great joy to celebrate hygiene that will bring us all health, happiness and confidence! This special day of squeaky-clean palms and fingers is not just about putting our hands under a running tap, it is about the awesomeness of good hand hygiene.

Go Away Germs!

We all know how easy it is for germs to transfer via daily objects such as doorknobs, lift buttons and toilets. Although it is impossible for us to completely avoid touching these objects, we can always send the pesky pathogens well on their way down the drain by washing our hands. Our immune system will thank us for this!


Pampered Hands

Celebrating Global Hand Washing Day is like taking your hands to a luxurious spa where they are pampered and rejuvenated. All cleansed and mosturised, they are now ready to tackle the day with your renewed spirit. Bring it on, world!

Cooking Confidence

If you love to cook, the most important element in food safety is clean hands throughout the preparation. It is not just about protecting yourself from foodborne illnesses, but also knowing your culinary creations are safe for everyone to enjoy. Bon appetit!

Save The Earth

Practicing water-efficient hand washing techniques means you are using less water. It might be just a small effort towards conserving our precious natural resources. But if you think about it, every little deed counts when it comes to saving our planet.

Unleash That Confidence

Something as simple as washing your hands can even improve the way you interact with others. Imagine giving a handshake or even a hug to someone without any worries because you know for a fact that your hands are clean. Isn’t that just great for your self-confidence?


Heavenly Scents

Our palms and fingers need to smell just as good as the rest of our body. Hand washing is all about getting rid of the germs, but with the help of scented hand wash, it also keeps our hands smelling lovely.

Speaking of clean heavenly scented hands, Bath & Body Works has seven new fragrance added to its more than 50+ already existing hand wash selections.


Sunshine & Lemons : Your hands will glimmer like the sun from the freshness of this yuzu, grapefruit and sun rays concoction


Sweet Orange Blossom: This combo of sweet orange blossom, sea lavender & warm vanilla scents will leave a lasting impression with each handshake


Wildberry Lemonade: Keep it clean and sweet with this cutesy mix of sugared pink strawberries & vanilla bean ice cream scents


Poolside Pomelo: The fresh scents of citrusy pomelo, sparkling bergamot & Invigorating sage will make you feel like you are lying down at the pool with a glass of cocktail next to you


Bright Summer Days: Even if you are not at the beach, at least your hand wash can take you there. Well almost… Coconut milk, sunny starfruit & warm sands…. Just use your imagination!


Sweet Tea & Lemonade: It’s a relaxing day outside at the lawn with these classy scents of brewed sweet tea, fresh squeezed lemons & sugar crystals


Now wash those hands and let's celebrate cleanliness and all the goods that it brings! Happy Global Hand Washing Day!