Promo Code

Forgot to add your promo code?​

Unfortunately, we cannot apply promo codes once an order has been placed.​

PLEASE NOTE: When you submit an order through our checkout page, it begins to process and can’t be changed or cancelled.

How do I use my promo code?

Promo codes are redeemed at Checkout:

  • Enter your code at checkout exactly as it appears in the email, printed offer or webpage.
  • Click "Apply" and your discount will be detailed in the payment summary.
  • Note: Only one promotional discount code allowed per order. You can find additional Terms & Conditions detailed on the original offer.

How many promo codes can I redeem on my order?

In addition to the majority of offers & promotions that do not require a promo code, Bath & Body Works allows you to redeem one promo code per order.

To take advantage of more than one offer, we recommend placing a second order. Customer Care Associates are not able to add more promo codes to your order due to system limitations. Remember, we offer MYR 15.00 Flat Rate Shipping for orders below MYR90.00 in merchandise.

If more than one code is entered at checkout, only the last code entered will be applied.

Why isn't my Promo Code working?

When entering your Online Code at checkout, please do not enter any characters after the space. Additionally, please include any dashes that are shown within the code. A code will be the first line only - if you see a second line, do not include it when entering the code at checkout.