A Dream Brighter Than Ever Before

A start to the new year is one full of hopes and dreams. As we ring in the months to come together with our list of milestones to achieve, Dream Bright is just the fragrance you will need to power through. Expect key fragrance notes that are made to give you an infinite amount of sparkle to make any day feel like a special occasion.

Magical Notes of Sophistication

Glad you asked; there are tons of ingredients out there that can help your hands stay super-smooth. Here are a few of our favorite things to add to our hand soaps, hand creams and sanitizers.

  • Sapphire Berries:

    Captures the scent of the brightest berries with a special tinge that brings out a happy burst of optimism.

  • Night Blooming Orchid:

    A note that anchors Sapphire Berries and Crystalized Vanilla to elevate its addiction and boost its extraordinary, sweet trail.

  • Crystalized Vanilla:

    A creamy and indulgent elevated note that brings out the warmth of the fragrance and gives it a level of comforting sophistication.

Sparkle & Shine with a Blockbuster Collection

Experience the newest fragrance from Bath & Body Works with the Dream Bright collection of goodies that work seamlessly for your daily ritual.

More Love Just for You

We want you to experience self-care like never before with Dream Bright. With extra goodies added to the collection, you can give yourself more love that you deserve. Grab the Exfoliating Glow Body Scrub that is infused with shea butter and vitamin E to give your routine the glow up it needs.

If you love a bubble bath as much as we do then the Bubble Bath is what will leave you wrapped in lasting, ultra-pampering bubbles for skin that is amazingly scented.

Also, one of our best-selling goodies, the Whipped Glotion, is now part of the Dream Bright collection. This glotion gives you a shimmering, brilliant, and bold experience complete with 24 hours of intense moisture.

Soft, Clean Hands Always

Hand hygiene is key in the world today, which is why we have also curated some goods in Dream Bright to give you cleansed hands - and more. First, start with the Dream Bright Gentle Foaming Hand Soap to wash away germs while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Next, bring along the pocket-friendly Dream Bright PocketBac Hand Sanitizer that is infused with essential oils, shea extract, vitamin E, and aloe for clean hands wherever you go. You can also carry the Dream Bright PocketBac Cleansing Hand Gel in your pocket, and whip it out everytime you want to fight off germs to keep your hands clean and conditioned on-the-go.

Fragrance for Your Space Too

We don’t stop at just body care when it comes to our newest hit - Dream Bright. We love the scent on us and around us too.

Dream Bright also comes as a 3-Wick Candle that gives the most amazing room-filling fragrance experience with quality lead-free wicks, while the Single Wick Candle is a more petite version that is equally as long-lasting. If that’s not enough, the Dream Bright Wallflowers Fragrance is effortless and lasts up to 30 days - all you need to do is plug it in and experience the floral-fruity scent of your dreams.

For an instant refresh, the Dream Bright Concentrated Room Spray freshens up your room in just two sprays and lasts for up to two hours, making it the perfect remedy for last minute guests. And don’t forget your car! The Dream Bright Car Fragrance Refill refreshes and renews your car for four to six weeks so you can experience the scent on your daily commute or long journeys.

Shop the Dreamiest & Brightest Collection Now A wonderful, warm and floral-fruity fragrance, what’s not to love about the Dream Bright collection? It also covers your daily ritual and more for skin nourishment that goes beyond the usual three-step routine. So, shop the Dream Bright Collection - our dreamiest collection yet!