Celebrate Diwali with a Symphony of Scents & Self-Care

Diwali, the festival of lights, signifies new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. As you prepare your home and heart for this glorious occasion, let Bath & Body Works be your companion, guiding you through fragrances that resonate with the festivity and self-care rituals to ensure you shine your brightest.

Infuse your home with welcoming aromas


Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers plugs come with scents that evoke happiness, serenity, and warmth. Whether it’s the refreshing sunny ocean scent or a woodsy wonder, there's a fragrance for every mood. Plus, for those midnight moments, some plugs even boast a night light.

But amidst the vast array of Wallflowers fragrances, some scents truly stand out for this Diwali season. FLOWER CART takes you on a journey through a fresh farmer's market, while CINNAMON STICK channels the heartwarming essence of cider's spiced and subtly sweet allure. Meanwhile, the tropical delight of WAIKIKI BEACH COCONUT transports you to a sun-kissed beach vacation. Lastly, BEACH WEATHER blends refreshing citrus with notes of sun-dried sandalwood, island coconut, breezy palm trees, and the soothing ambiance of crashing waves.

A quick refresher with our room sprays


A guest arriving unexpectedly or needing a quick room refresh before the grand Diwali dinner? Our room sprays are your best friend. Just a couple of bursts, and your space will be alive with long-lasting fragrances.

From the kitchens to the guest rooms, our sprays are apt for every corner. WAIKIKI BEACH COCONUT immerses you in the essence of a sweet, sun-drenched beach vacation. With COCO PARADISE, you'll feel as though you've stepped into a warm, soothing oasis, basking in the luxury of sweet serenity. And with FRESH CUT LILACS, you'll find yourself transported to a lilac field, enveloped in the fragrant embrace of a cool spring morning.

And for a bedtime ritual, our pillow mists with Aromatherapy essential oils are perfect for a calming sleep.

Light up with scented candles


As diyas and lamps illuminate every nook and corner, complement the ambiance with our curated candle scents. Here are some scents that we love:

Revel in some much-needed self-pampering


Don’t forget to take a break amidst the preparations and give yourself a pampering body care ritual.

  • Shower Steamers: Let the essential oils transport you to a realm of relaxation. As the steam mingles with our dermatologist-tested steamers, every pore of your skin is treated to nature's best.
  • Body Wash and Foam Bath: Cleanse, rejuvenate, and radiate. Packed with natural essentials like vitamin E and aloe, and free from parabens or artificial dyes, this body wash ensures a gentle yet invigorating experience.
  • Body Lotion: Keep your skin nourished and glowing. Our dermatologist-tested body lotion is infused with the finest ingredients like essential oils, vitamin E, and shea butter, promising hydration and radiance.
  • Pillow and Body Mist: Prep your after-shower experience for a peaceful slumber. This mist, packed in 100% recycled plastic, not only refreshes your skin but also adds a calming scent to your linens.

So, while the lights twinkle and the fireworks explode in the night sky, let Bath & Body Works add to your celebrations with fragrances and self-care rituals that speak of luxury, care, and the festive spirit.