Find MY Gingham Fragrances

• Bath & Body Works Malaysia is introducing its latest fragrances with a full Gingham collection that is an exclusive range of body care and home products featuring new fragrances that reflect your favorite floral scents.

• Enchanted with floral, fresh, fruity, and woodsy notes, these fragrances embody Bath & Body Works Malaysia’s commitment to making the world a brighter, happier place through the power of fragrance.

Gingham Gorgeous: Floral and happy, the Gingham Gorgeous fragrance is a beautiful blend of pink strawberries, peach nectar, and peony blossoms for an unforgettable floral note.

Gingham Vibrant: Sweet and playful, the Gingham Vibrant fragrance is a delightful blend of wild blackberries, candied violets, and soft vanilla for an irresistible fruity note.

Gingham Fresh: Bright and cheerful, the Gingham Fresh fragrance is a crisp blend of juicy pear, sparkling clementine, and fresh daisies for an invigorating fresh note.

Gingham: Fresh and vibrant, the Gingham fragrance is a lovely blend of blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine, violet, and clean musk for a refreshing floral note with a hint of sweet citrus.

Gingham Legend: Rich and warm, the Gingham Legend fragrance is an uplifting blend of bergamot, rich oak, and sandalwood reserve for a pleasant woodsy note.

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